Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jason's Deli - Killeen, Texas

I normally don’t like standing in line and ordering my food cafeteria style. When I go to a restaurant, I want to sit down and have someone take my order. However, if the food is good enough, then I’ll do it. Jason’s Deli is on a very short list of restaurants in which I will stand in line to order, simply because the food is consistently excellent.

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The only problem at Jason’s is the food is so good that it is nearly impossible to get in there and get a table around lunchtime. If you get there at the wrong time, you will wait, but then again, the food is worth it. The solution, of course, is to time your visit to miss the lunchtime crowd.

The sandwiches are over stuffed; there is no skimping on the food at Jason’s, you get your money’s worth. They can be difficult to eat that way, but my solution is often to cut it up with a knife and eat it with a fork. It tastes the same, and it is easier to handle. Regardless of how you eat it, you are going to enjoy your meal.

My employer buys lunch for the entire staff several times each year, (nearly 100 people) for the past few years, the choice has been Jason’s Deli. The boss chooses Jason’s because the prices are right, the food quality is excellent, and the service is top notch. There are dozens of catering choices in this town, and we choose Jason’s because they are the best.

At our last visit, I had the California Club sandwich. It is always hard to choose what to eat at Jason’s because everything looks great. The California Club features turkey breast, bacon, Swiss cheese, guacamole, tomato, and organic greens on a toasted croissant. The ingredients were fresh and tasty, an excellent lunch choice. Then again, I don’t think it matters what you order, because it’s all good at Jason’s.

I have eaten Jason’s food at least a dozen times in the past few years and I have not been disappointed. That’s what keeps me coming back to stand in the Jason’s line.

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