Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pyramid Café, Luxor - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has always been famous for great food. Part of the draw for any casino is to offer gamblers quality places to eat during their breaks from spending money on the casino floor. While casinos don’t want people to spend too much time away from gambling, they realize that in order to attract customers that may stay for days or longer, the food must be great. The Pyramid Café in Luxor Las Vegas on the Strip is worth a visit.

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We stayed at the Luxor recently and ate at the Pyramid Café twice. Our first visit was for a late dinner. I didn’t want to eat a full meal, so I ordered the meatball sliders from the appetizer menu. For an appetizer, the sliders were filling and exceptional. The meatballs were fresh and perfectly seasoned, with aged Parmesan, fresh basil, and a sun-dried tomato marinara; served on fresh rolls. For an item considered an appetizer, this proved to be filling in the best possible way.

The next morning, we ate at the Pyramid for breakfast. You have to figure that just about anyone should be able to cook a decent breakfast – it’s hard to mess up eggs and potatoes. On the other hand, a chef that makes that extra effort to be sure that the food is perfectly cooked can make all the difference for any meal. It was immediately obvious from the first breakfast bite that the chef at the Pyramid Café cared enough to be certain that every item that left the kitchen was perfectly cooked. This may seem a no-brainer, but if that was the case, no one would ever write a restaurant review.

I ordered the simplest breakfast: scrambled eggs, hash browns, ham, and toast. The eggs were buttery and perfect; the potatoes mouthwatering, the toast was exactly the way toast should be. How many times have you ordered toast in a restaurant and ended up with bricks? A staff that pays such close attention to detail to be sure that you have perfect toast, is a place that I want to spend my money.

The Pyramid Café at the Luxor Las Vegas is just such a place.

[Author’s note: the hours and the menu at this restaurant have changed recently. The Pyramid Café now offers primarily breakfast food.]

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