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Monday, April 15, 2013

Holly’s Drive-In – Post, Texas

If you love hamburgers and soft ice cream, Holly’s Drive-In, in Post, Texas, is a must visit. If you live anywhere near Post and nearby Lubbock, take the time to try the food at this great drive-in. It’s a classic small town sort of place – a place where you can step back in time to a kinder, gentler era. Holly’s is far, far from the artificial atmosphere of too many modern ‘theme’ restaurants. This family owned classic drive-in is a throwback to a time when quality in food and service, and a small town, homey sort of feel meant something. Holly’s is not a put-on – it is the real thing; an all too rare commodity in today’s world.

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How good are the burgers? Well, they are that good – good enough that I would drive out of my way to eat a Holly Burger. They are perfectly cooked to order, with fresh ingredients and the added touch of a bun lightly grilled in butter – all combined to produce one of the greatest burger I have ever eaten. Sure, anyone can make a hamburger, but these aren’t just burgers – a Holly Burger is a taste of America.

Whether you eat in your car, as you would have at such a drive-in back in the 50’s, or eat inside, you can’t avoid the feeling of stepping back in time. Of course, being so close to Lubbock, you realize that you are in the old stomping grounds of legendary rocker Buddy Holly (apparently no relation), and outlaw country great Waylon Jennings, which just adds to the unique quality of Holly’s Drive-In – a reminder of a time when Buddy and his music captured Texas and America (Waylon played bass in Buddy’s band for a short time).

Besides the outstanding burgers, the beauty of Holly’s is the fact that it is a real place – not some corporate guy’s idea of what America used to be, or a contrived way of trying to recreate the past by filling a restaurant with rusty flea market junk, like so many modern chain stores try to do. Holly’s is as authentic as it gets, and they represent a lost art – an independent business that doesn’t try to recreate the past – they allow you to step back into it. Post is a small town with the kind of atmosphere that only exists in such a place – a classic American town with a classic American drive-in.

Holly’s Drive-In
615 South Broadway St.
Post, Texas 79356
(806) 495-2704

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