Saturday, January 28, 2017

The NRA Lied To You

Let's see a show of hands: who here thinks the NRA is in business to protect your gun rights?
The United States Constitution, specifically, the Second Amendment, exists for exactly that reason. Although the meaning of this amendment has been discussed and disputed, it is safe to assume that virtually every gun owner agrees that the purpose of it is to ensure American citizens' rights to own firearms.
No, the National Rifle Association does not exist to help you keep your guns. As mentioned, the Constitution does that, in case you forgot that part. The NRA exists for one reason: to help the gun industry to sell guns.
Let's repeat that: Sell. Guns.

What is the best way to spur gun sales? The NRA figured out one method and used it to nauseating advantage in the eight years of the Obama Presidency. They spent the entire term hysterically bellowing that Obama was coming to take your guns. The intended effect was to send you scurrying to gun stores to buy up more guns and ammunition.
It worked. Gun sales skyrocketed. Lee Fang, of The Intercept, wrote in December 2015, in a story helpfully titled 'Gun Industry Executives Say Mass Shootings Are Good for Business':
"The fear of losing gun rights leads to panic buying, which brings greater profits to gun retailers, gun companies and their investors."
It worked because the gun folks fell for the hysteria.
The other way is similar to the first, except it begins with a seemingly random act of gun violence. Some loon shoots up a school, a mall, a movie theater – whatever; it doesn't matter where it happens. The NRA is automatically in on the action of stirring up the old time-honored panic. They're coming to take your guns – get out and buy more guns before they become illegal!
Fang wrote in the above-mentioned story:
"Behind closed doors, speaking with investors and Wall Street analysts, the gun industry views mass shootings as an opportunity to make lots of money."
It works every time. Every single time we have gun killings, gun stores report massive increases in sales. Hmm… Couldn't be a coincidence, could it? Both methods serve to drive gun sales through the roof. Everyone involved with guns is ecstatic. They love to shout and crow that they have once again derailed "Liberal" attempts to take their guns away. Except that there is not now, nor has there ever been, any attempt by Liberals to take guns from anyone. If you believe otherwise, you are just plain stupid.
Just for fun, remind me again exactly when President Obama tried to take your guns. What? No? That's right, it never happened. Despite the constant NRA manic screaming (which every single one of you conservative gun thumpers bought hook, line, and sinker), it didn't happen.
No bubba, there were never executive orders written to grab guns. Go look for yourself; these orders are not state secrets (Barack Obama Executive Orders). Of course, we have no such optimistic outlook for executive orders in the current administration, where actions are shrouded in mystery, in direct contrast to those of every other President.
Then the NRA hit a roadblock when Obama's term ended.
Gun owners relaxed, thinking that the current President made your guns safe. He gained votes from right wingers by telling them he was a Second Amendment guy. Of course – all politicians always keep their promises. Until, that is, such rhetoric no longer serves their purpose.
In case you have not noticed, since the ludicrous Obama gun grabbing mania is now over, gun sales are flat. They're not selling, because no one is buying. There is no Liberal in the White House allegedly trying to steal your guns. The hysteria is over, and that is a problem for the gun industry.
No hysteria, no gun sales. No panic, no run on gun stores.
So what do they need to do?
Unless they are prepared to start shooting up the place, there is only one answer: The NRA needs to create another frenzied gun situation. They need the current President to reverse his stance, and declare a war on guns.
There you go – a brand new, gun grabbing panic to sink your teeth into. Brought to you by the Republican President and the NRA.
Oh yes, boys and girls, it WILL begin soon. If we have some new, random killing spree, then the new President will have his opportunity, spurred on by the NRA, the gun lobby, and gun manufacturers. It is a virtual certainty that such an outbreak will prompt the new President to declare martial law in the locality where the killings take place. In such a situation, confiscation of guns – legal or not – is not only possible, but inevitable. In case you don't understand martial law, it is a situation in which citizens have zero rights – all civil rights, including habeas corpus and gun rights – are suspended, done, gone.
The result will create a new panic in other parts of the US, sending gun folks by the hundreds of thousands into the arms of deliriously happy gun store owners.
And boom, just like that, a new surge in gun sales.
Rich Smith of the Motley Fool, wrote in January 2017, "Well, it's essential to recognize that Donald Trump has flip-flopped on gun control before - and could do so again," and "there's no telling how President Trump might react to new headlines describing a surge in gun violence some months into his administration."
The new President has already given you a preview of this action. He announced in January that he was thinking of sending troops into Chicago to deal with "the horrible carnage." There it is – a promise from the new President to send the Army to Chicago, to take their guns away.
The NRA folks are slapping each other on the back, salivating over the soon to happen brand new spike in gun sales.

On the other hand, the newly enacted 'Muslim Ban' could change everything. This move could easily be viewed as an invitation for ISIS to carry out terrorist attacks in the US. If that happens, the new President will declare nationwide martial law, and we lose everything - our civil rights will be suspended. Democracy in the US put on indefinite hold.
If you gun folks think you elected a solid gun guy, you are absurdly mistaken. If you think the NRA gives a shit about your "rights" you are delusional. The NRA has been lying to you for years. When are you going to wake up to that fact? Learn some real facts – not the bullshit spoon fed to you by the money hungry NRA and the equally money hungry Republican lawmakers.
The NRA is not interested in gun rights. They are only interested in serving the gun manufacturers. If you don't get that then you are clearly not sane enough to own guns.
Larry Manch is an author, teacher, guitar player, freelance writer, and columnist. His books include: 'Twisted Logic: 50 Edgy Flash Fiction Stories', 'The Toughest Hundred Dollars & Other Rock & Roll Stories', 'A Sports Junkie', 'The Avery Appointment', 'Between the Fuzzy Parts'. His books are available in paperback and e-book.

He also writes about sports for Season Tickets, food and travel on Miles & Meals, and music/guitars on The Backbeat.

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