Saturday, January 16, 2016

What Is Your Gun Defense Plan?

From Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
Many gun owners are making it clear they are convinced that the Federal government is coming to take guns away from private citizens. They contend it will begin with laws making it illegal to own guns. They further assert that if it happens, they will refuse to give up their guns, and the Federal government will be forced to attack private citizens to forcibly remove their firearms. 

Do the gun defenders have the guts to fight force with force?
These folks promise and threaten to fight back, meaning they will fire at the supposed attackers in defense of their 2nd Amendment rights. I support their right to own and bear arms, but I question their claims of impending confiscation, and their contentions that they intend to fight to the death in the event of such actions.
I'm curious to know how they think Federal agents will approach and perform such an operation, and what the defenders' personal defense plans are? How will the Federal government carry out this anticipated monumental operation across the entire country, which is made up of more than 19,000 towns and cities, against an estimated 30 million American gun owners?
My guess is the response will be: "my plan is secret, why should I tell you?"
My reply is that although I don't own guns (and so the Feds are obviously not coming to my house), some of my neighbors do. If the Feds are going to attack my neighbors to take their guns, I want to know what those people are going to do, so I can plan accordingly and be ready.
Assuming, that is, that these 2nd Amendment defenders are true to their word – that they plan to keep their guns with force and die in the effort if necessary. I (and most assuredly, other non-gun owning neighbors) need to know what to expect when this alleged predicted attacking force of Feds comes true (as many of you vehemently insist will happen).
The next question is, how do you expect the government to carry out such an operation? Are they coming to your house, in your town first? What about your next-door neighbor who also owns guns? Surely there are several others nearby with guns and, according to you, Federal agents are obviously going to attack them as well.
Are they going to go house-to-house, one at a time? That seems unlikely, as security will be a problem. They can't take a chance that other nearby gun owners will see what is happening, realize they are next, and begin to take offensive action.
A problem there is that not everyone in your neighborhood is a gun owner. Gun ownership figures vary depending on which sources you look at. My research indicates that in Texas, for example, it could be as low as 8% of citizens, possibly up to 35%. It means that at most, a little less than two thirds of the residents of any given neighborhood are NOT gun owners. In case you don't know this: none of the non-gun owners in your or my neighborhood are interested in dying for your cause.
Obviously, the Feds can't perform these 'raids' one street or block at a time. Anyone nearby is going to catch wind of what is happening, and – knowing they are next – will be forced to either band together to attack the Federal force, or just hunker down in their own homes and wait their turn. So in my city alone, there would have to be thousands of such agents, prepared to carry out a coordinated citywide attack. Otherwise, the element of surprise is obviously lost.
Should we assume that no one in the nearby towns will know what is happening? Or will they just wait patiently for the government agents to finish up one town and head out for the next? Then on to the next county, and the next, and so on until every citizen in the state has been disarmed? Meanwhile, residents of the other 49 states are going to silently wait until Federal agents arrive in their area?
Even if only a minority of gun owners decide to fight it out, how can the government be certain? If they are coming to knock on doors and take your guns, they must assume the worst – that any and every gun owner may be hostile and prepared to fight back.
What a massive operation this would have to be. Hundreds of thousands of heavily armed agents would be necessary to carry out such an astonishingly large maneuver. So far, none of those who indicate they believe such a thing will happen can offer insight into exactly how the US Federal government could possibly solve such a logistical nightmare. Clearly, a country-wide confiscation is impossible, either done piecemeal or large scale.
So, although a small-scale operation would obviously be ineffective and met with strong resistance (so these people insist), let's wind it down to look at the small picture. The defenders contend they will meet force with force, and so I must assume that shots are going to be fired. These folks claim there is no other way the government is going to take their guns from them.
Obviously, the Feds are not going to warn people like me ahead of time. If they inform all of us non-gun owners of the impending action, they cannot be sure we won't tell our gun holding neighbors. So, the Feds either have to force all of us local non-gun owners to evacuate our homes or leave us to be caught in the crossfire. If they are going to evacuate us, they will surely have to do it in secret – otherwise, you the gun owners, will become suspicious. It would be impossible to secretly and quietly evacuate all of the neighborhood non-gun owners (approximately two-thirds of neighborhood residents). I have to assume the Feds will simply leave us in our homes and hope that no innocent bystanders are killed or wounded (can you imagine the lawsuits nationwide from collateral damage and injuries to non-combatants after this massive gun-taking operation is complete?)
I must assume that if Federal agents are planning to attack my next-door or backyard neighbor, they will mount the attack from all sides. If you are planning to shoot back, you're going to be shooting at my house, and the homes of everyone around us. So it is quite likely that in such an invasion, my family and I could easily be killed, and my home will obviously be damaged. I'm wondering who is going to pay for the repairs? It will be pointless to sue you – you have already pledged to fight to the death. After it's over, you're going to be carried out in a body bag.
Do you care that the rest of us could easily be killed, injured, and/or suffer severe property damage? It appears that you are only concerned about your Constitutional right to fire your guns with the intent to kill any and all intruders.
How do your non-gun owning neighbors feel, knowing that you don't care if they live or die, as long as you get to go out in a blaze of glory, demanding your gun rights until yours (and many of your neighbors') last dying breath? Apparently, as long as you get to fight (and obviously die) for your gun rights, it doesn't matter to you how many others die in the melee. The 'oh well, you should have armed yourself' line doesn't work for me. I have no passion for buying and keeping guns, and while I have no problem with you owning guns, I'm not interested in dying for your cause.
I do not feel a need to arm and protect myself when you go down. I DO have a problem being caught in your personal crossfire. In fact, you must realize that not a single one of your non-gun owing neighbors are willing to die during this invasion that you keep insisting will happen when the Feds come to take your guns away.
Are you taking your wife and children/grandchildren with you? Or will you send family members away so they won't be harmed? Actually, that is not going to be possible, as it should be obvious to you that the Feds aren't going to call you ahead of time and warn you they are coming for your guns. No, your wife and kids are going to be in the house when the shooting starts.
That is assuming, of course, that you actually still intend to carry out your threats – that you will fight force with force in order to protect your guns. In case you hadn't thought about it, life insurance won't pay after this incident that results in your death. They won't pay for someone who dies while committing what the insurance companies will consider an illegal act.
How did it all end? According to you, it ends with your death (you promised to fight to your last breath, remember?) Do you think the rest of us (assuming we survive the onslaught) are going to applaud you for shooting up our neighborhood? No, sorry. So what do you get if this fantasy comes true? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing except your dead body (if, as mentioned, you are true to your promise to fight to the death).
The reality is, of course, that this is NEVER going to happen; no one is EVER coming to your house to take your guns. A nationwide confiscation of guns is logistically impossible. There is simply no way the Federal government could ever carry out an operation of this magnitude, and there is no way they would ever consider doing such a thing.
You are NEVER going to face a hail of bullets defending your 2nd Amendment rights. If you don't get that, you are clearly not sane enough to own firearms. If you do get it, you also know that because it is pure fantasy, you will NEVER have to actually prove you have the balls to do it.
Further, it is obvious to millions of Americans that all of your posturing is just hot air. Just pseudo-macho blathering about how you're going to go out in a blaze of glory. You make these bizarre claims because you live in a dream world.
Save the rest of us from your ridiculous blustering. Stop your melodramatic claims of false bravado. Stop babbling on and on endlessly about defending your guns to the death in this mythical, paranoid, hysterical fantasy that you perpetuate ad nauseam.

No one with an ounce of intelligence is buying any of it.

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